Another Cardinal Cross Visits in Mid-April 2014

This was printed in a less expanded version in the Maui Vision April – May issue. (c) 2014

For some years, astrologers have been focusing on the rare configuration that has been happening off and on since 2010. A Cardinal Cross means there are planets in the four Cardinal signs making square and opposition aspects to each other.

These are power struggle aspects where the square is an off-balance tension looking to find out which one is more powerful than the other. The opposition is like a tug of war, where one is the outright winner. These planets, being in the Cardinal signs, means these energies create forward motion in a pivotal, significantly changing way. Change is the constant of our world, tho’ the paradox of humanity is to create consistency and stability.

 Coming into this alignment in the month of April are four planets – Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This connection will be at the 13th degree, so if you are aware of your natal astrology chart and you have any planet or angle at this degree, this will be personally significant time besides being noteworthy for those who have their Sun in any of these signs. The dates for this tension to be greatest are April 19th through the 23rd.

The significantly stressful time is *before* the moment where the math of astrology says “exact” as indicated on the days above. The pressure can be like tuning a guitar string – do you back off on the tension or break the string? So, please note the dates above and plan accordingly.

Observe others with love for their reactions to these upcoming events. Note your own hot buttons and reactionary episodes. Once again, this is a test of applying our spiritual lessons to our daily lives. We are not living in a cloister; we are in the public where we put our awareness of these events and life wisdom into daily practice.

To complicate matters further, we have the Full Moon Eclipse of April 14-15 between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra at 25 degrees of these signs.

The Full Moon can be stressful for sensitives, and the eclipse energies indicate that the normal boundaries between the dimensions are thinner than usual. Be on the lookout for little things which may look or feel weird to be coming into your work or home, as they hitchhike in on family, co-workers or clients. Acknowledge them, and remind them that they have until the 5th of May to stick around. They really don’t want to get trapped over here. And, no, they can’t hang around you and your home, playing or taking life energy from you. They aren’t necessarily negative beings, just curious about what life is like ‘over here’. Some are adept at being here and going back, some are newbies to the fun on Earth and the latter ones are those we can have a problem with if they don’t go home.

Presently, please study protocols on how to clear yourself and your home. If need be, for now, just carry some sage in your pocket, inside a non-synthetic bit of cloth. Not cooking sage, please find the sort you can buy at a metaphysical store.

For astrological analysis on the Full Moon, please see any or all of the following sources – Planet Waves by Eric Francis or The Mountain Astrologer, or weekly analysis with Starcodes by Heather Roan Robbins or Jeanne Alkire’s astrology blog.

Besides using Bach’s Rescue Remedy as a general aid, the flower essences for this time are:

Aries – Impatiens

Cancer – Clematis

Libra Scleranthus

Capricorn – Mimulus

Use any or all of these which may support your emotional needs.

Don’t forget to breathe through the stresses. Peace to all of us ~

This graphic is a printout of the various times Uranus and Pluto will be in square with each other between 2012 and 2015. Time zone is HST.