Summer Solstice 2008

In May 2008, I wrote this for a small distribution print magazine on Maui. They don’t want long articles, so this is about 300 words.

This brief article will outline a few areas of interest for Mauians during the three months beginning on June 20 at 1:59:41 pm. Note that leap year’s additional day changes the day Summer usually starts.

First – Business efforts are supported during this quarter by maintaining and further building any and all long distance markets. The Sun and Venus occupy the 9th house so spas, yoga, exercise trainers and educational/cultural interests can find themselves being the target for people seeking a different experience.

The Moon rules the Sun in Cancer; it’s placement in the 4th house in Capricorn, conjunct both the IC and Jupiter (in the 3rd) suggests maintaining and improving the home base as needed. The combination lends quite a bit of optimism as well as a legal awareness. Jupiter’s placement in the house of communications, sextile to Uranus, suggests that internet and other electronic connections are the easiest way to get business messages out. Follow your gut instinct to develop markets and execute well-thought out plans. Anyone with legal issues better straighten out tangled threads in the next 90 days.

Secondly – Relationships: the chart has Libra rising on the Ascendant with Aries on the opposite horizon point. Libra wants to put on a good face for all to see, so all beautification and environmental projects have a special urgency to malama the ‘aina, kai and wai during the next three months. Aries on the descendant, with Mars in Leo, says that tempers are to be experienced with a shorter fuse in all relationships – from those at home, work, on the road, in line at the grocery, etc. It may be best to learn how to speak up before acting on a strong unconscious and emotional urge.

Spending the shortest night of the year seeking spiritual insight and guidance through the path of Lunar wisdom (dreams, guided visualization or shamanic journey) will be participating in an excellent plan. Remember to take notes when emerging from the spiritual space so you can review the information and apply it during waking hours. Maluhia – Peace.