Summer Solstice 2009

Summer Solstice 2009, Maui Style

Casting a chart for the time of the Sun’s entry into Cancer (20 June, 7:45 pm) in Ha`iku, again we have Cardinal signs on the four main points of the chart. These are Capricorn / Cancer Rising/Descending and Libra / Aries on the Midheaven/Nadir. These highly enterprising and outgoing signs are getting rattled by the presence of Pluto in Capricorn. Don’t know too many people who are not feeling some powerful shifts within their lives, or are witnessing others experiencing great upheavals. The old status quo is no longer valid, old approaches to life and re-actions to events are no longer allowed to be pursued. It is a major time of re-inventing ourselves.

The blessing of this quarter’s chart is that Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter are in a very tight cluster, in the second house, occupying the 25th and 26th degree of Aquarius. Chiron is about healing our wounds, Neptune allows direct communication with the divine, and Jupiter expands everything it is in touch with. It also combines nicely with Chiron’s urge to teach, so messages received during this quarter will be quite full of instructions, directions and optimism. Humor may be a pleasant experience. Please use your discernment to be sure leaping off into a fog of illusion is not your best option as it is one of Neptune’s more difficult qualities. Two keywords for those degrees from Sabian Symbols indicate a Colorful Choice can be influenced by these planets.

The Sun is in the 6th house of daily actions – excellent position for building business success and health. The majority of the planets are in the lower half of the chart, leading us to be more introspective than out going. If we do venture out, it will be with great deliberation, since Saturn occupies the highest point in the chart.

There will be three eclipses occurring during this three month period, which is unusual, but not totally out of the ordinary. Anytime we have an eclipse, we need to be sure to be more aware of the presence of non-ordinary reality beings around us. The boundaries between the worlds become thinner about a week before each eclipse and get more solid a week after the last one. Therefore we’re moving into an 8-week period of needing to be more alert. Starting the 30th of June, we will be within a week of the first eclipse, a Lunar (full moon) one on the 7th of July. Then we’ll have a Solar Eclipse (new moon) on the 21st, followed by another Lunar Eclipse on 7 August. The 12th of August will see the gateways and barriers firm up again.

If you are a person who has not learned basic energy protection techniques, it will be very good to find a teacher who can introduce you to this work. In the mean time, using sage (smudge sticks) and/or gardenia oil to keep your boundaries strong will be a very good practice.

Keep breathing through the challenges. The three planets in Aquarius (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune) continue to bring about great difficulties in communication as well as urging us to do the deep healing of ourselves, each other and the planet’s dilemmas.