Sun enters Capricorn aka Winter Solstice 2009

The change of seasons arrives on Maui at 21 December, 7:47 AM. This three month chart has Capricorn on the Ascendant which brings the ability to be very business-like in all public exchanges. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is now in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra bringing a balance to severity and adds an optimistic outlook. On the Descendant, the nurturing sign of Cancer influences our personal relationships with the added energy from the Moon’s placement in the global-looking, utopian-seeking sign of Aquarius.

Mercury is in the first house; this will be a chatty and debating time with all we encounter, including strangers. The Sun is in conjunction with Pluto making this a willful and personal power-packed three months. Yet this pair is in the 12th house, tucking its influence into our subconscious mind. We will need to be on alert to our motivations when we are reacting to stressed situations and other stressed peers.

The chart has Saturn’s position in the 9th house; this indicates the continued constriction of our usual flow of tourist income. We need to restructure and review what our community bases its income and fiscal support on. It is also the highest planet in the chart, suggesting we are going to be working through our fears of lack and limitation every day.

There are four planets in the 2nd house of moveable possessions and personal values. This grouping consists of Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon. As they blend their influences, they indicate we can receive clear spiritual guidance to see with new and wiser eyes what is truly important to us in our personal surroundings. Allow yourself to release those things and thoughts which are now a burden.

Remember your sense of humor, breathe through the stresses (remember to exhale) and know we’re all in the canoe together.