See Change as Opportunity – The Sun Enters Cancer

Historically, astrologers were assigned to tell their community when there are astrological events coming which will impact them. I have dropped clues in prior columns to prepare you for this occasion. The Summer Solstice brings the first of these events into exact alignment.

This year, solstice occurs on Maui at 1:29am on 21 June. The chart setting the tone for Maui’s Summer has a Libra Moon (ruler of Cancer), lending a strong influence for communicating with and nurturing relationships of all kinds. The rising sign is Aries, so the trailblazing focus is balanced a level of precision and forethought because Mars, Aries’ ruler, has moved into Virgo. Phew!

The anticipated square (tension) alignment in Aries and Cancer clicks into place on the 21st. The planets involved are Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, then the Sun in Cancer. Adding Pluto’s position in, Capricorn makes this a T-square (higher tension). Saturn is also involved, yet it is in the late degrees of Virgo, creating a wide Grand Cross of balanced tension. There may be personal and global earthquakes around this date.

The cardinal-placed planets are offering an opening which many people have issue with — change. Fortunately, Jupiter brings a big splash of humor to this unpredictable (Uranus) and transformative (Pluto) time to all. Saturn anchors us in reality and the Sun brings it all home to roost in our own zones.

One way of handling these changes will be to remember your spiritual training. Apply it daily. Recall the phrase “Chop Wood, Carry Water” to help you deal with anchoring yourself here and now. Face the fears with love.

If you are looking to know how to apply this to your chart, see where the four Cardinal signs sit in the houses as this is where you’ll have the personal earthquakes.