Sifting Times

Many words are being shared from various sources in the past few months – many channeled beings, astrological authors, interpretations of prophecies and fellow authors in this magazine – and we can become overwhelmed with synthesizing all these wise thoughts into a personal path.

I wish to share as succinctly as possible what I perceive transpiring for us. We are being asked to let go of many emotional, mental, physical and spiritual burdens. We are being ‘sifted’ – all which is not worthy of being taken with us into the future are being dropped, perhaps stripped, away. This process is not comfortable or easy nor perhaps as timely as we’d like it to fit into our busy lives. One more thing ‘to do” can pop our corks on our patience. Another signal to pay attention to our core challenges. Find your center – find your source of Divine Love.

One thing to suggest is to stop struggling and allow peace to seep into the dilemma.

All of us are not going through this at the same time. Due to astrological timing of the potent Cardinal transits, some of us get these sifting experiences at different times than others. Be kind to others as they go through this time. Perhaps you cannot offer more than a brief ear to hear their dilemmas. Boundaries are as important as ever.

Be grateful for all you have now and as new things arrive. Nurture your friends and loved ones. Call those who you’ve not heard from for a while and check in. Breathe deeply. Congratulate yourself for getting one more step into the future with courage to face the old as you’ve outgrown and outworn those old crutches.