Food for Thought

The summer has been a very rough time for many walking this planet. We have been shown time and time again issues to be faced, resolved and transformed both personally and globally.

Some people have been shoved into new situations without a script or plan or forethought. Fear, for others, has been thick and paralyzing; we have been rendered powerless by the overwhelming and seemingly uncontrollable emotions.

At those points, we’ve had to wake up and remember there’s a different way to thrive.

One suggestion is to return to our spiritual training and apply it – now – daily. Remembering our favorite teacher’s instructions; perhaps – breathe deeply, ground, center, then cleanse our thoughts, smudge our body and living space – we attain a brief moment of clarity, peace and understanding. Returning again again again to the practice, soon the space of tranquility is greater than a brief moment. These fears are faced and healed. Perhaps calling ourselves nuns, monks, initiates, solitary practitioners, whatever we wish to call this sacred self-nurturing time, we find we must do it.

Some are called to the ocean, others to sacred lands. Whatever your calling is, do it. Feed your whole being, especially the subtle body. Eat in a restorative way of all good things in nature.

An astrological input – if ‘something’ is tugging with you, to let something go which is very precious to you… perhaps Pluto’s transit is asking for a deep transformation around that emotion, thought or item. If you resist too much, you’ll end up with so very much beyond that bit being taken from you. Use your discernment, seek input from others if needed, and step into this new time, surrendering what you are being asked to release. Trust that something much better is in queue for you.