Sun Ingress to Capricorn aka Winter Solstice 2010

The specific time of Winter Solstice is the moment the Sun enters Capricorn on the date of December 21, 2010 at 1:39pm HST.

The chart for the first day of winter shows that Maui has an Aries rising personality colored by its ruler (Mars) in Capricorn for the next three months. This means that the ‘me first’ personality will be tempered by practical and useful action with direct awareness of long term results.

The Moon is placed in Cancer, just after a lunar eclipse on 20 December at 10:14am. Located in the 3rd house, the urge to communicate significant emotions around the need to nurture self vs. others can be strongly expressed. This can be especially experienced within families, siblings and on the phone or in emails.

There are 4 planet clustered in the 9th house of higher education, long distance travel and philosophy. Continuing to reach potential clients overseas, those who are interested in exploring their spiritual nature, can bring results in the collective good of the community. The asteroid Pallas Athene is conjunct the Sun on this day, therefore the warrior-like nature of women, using their brains and intuition, can come to the fore during this quarter.

Mercury has its final retrograde period beginning on the 10th of December at 5 Capricorn and returns to direct motion on the 29th at 19 Sagittarius, therefore, the Solstice chart will hold the retrograde position. Communications may be glitchy with contracts and agreements harder to work out. Fortunately, that’s a short 19 days so we can celebrate that fact in our day to day lives. The topics to ponder during this time are outlined by these phrases: Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods, from Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol and the last phrase for the degree – …knowing how to handle yourself impeccably, from Ellias Lonsdale’s revisions of the Symbols.