About Void of Course Moon Times

There are many astrology calendars available which note the Void of Course Moon placement. Have had a few queries as to what is the meaning of the Void Moon time. Here’s what I recently wrote to help those who asked and a few ideas as to how to apply it to their life.

Background: It takes a bit more than exactly 28 days for the Moon to go through all 12 signs in a month. As it moves through these signs, the basic Ptolemic aspects – conjunction 0 degrees, sextile 60 degrees, square 90 degrees, trine 120 degrees, opposition 180 degrees – occur with the other planets of the astrological Zodiac. When the last aspect is made in a sign, the moment later, the Moon is considered Void of Course. It is no longer anchored to another planet. The Void period ends when the Moon changes to the next sign.

The result is a dreamy time, perhaps an un-grounded, un-anchored time. When you are driving, this is not necessarily a good thing. When you start your day into an already Void Moon time, there may be a feeling of the dream state staying with you.

It is not a time to start new projects. Finish those things which you’ve already begun. You may want to write down those things you’d like to work on during the Void time if it begins before you wake the next day. It is also not a time for us to take off on a trip.

Traveling: I started paying attention to this aspect of Void Moon when an article in an anthology of astrology essays proposed the impact of beginning to travel during a Void Moon creates difficulties in the whole trip’s flow.

As the caveat for astrology theories say – observe to see if the proposed concept has validity to you. During the years since then, I have found it to be very good to follow this guideline: it is definitely better to leave on your trip while the Moon is solidly in contact with other planets.

This means if the only best flight (availability and cost) is during a Void time, leave for the flight before the Void begins, even if it means you spend the prior night in a hotel or friend’s house. May seem absurd, but if you want to have a great trip, where everything flows well, pay attention to the Void times and leave for the trip early.

Mercury Retrograde: The recent retrograde of Mercury showed a double whammy of both prolonged Void times along with the Mercury Retrograde period impacts. Double check all items thought to be completed are truly done. Make sure the details are covered with contingencies. Take your project management skills to a new level and stay very alert and present at all times. It is a good practice.

Resources: Printed – There are several calendars available for people to use as a personal reference. Some of these are Jim Maynard, Llewellyn, and We’Moon are available at bookstores or through websites.

Online – More information regarding Void Moon from other authors are available at these sites, including one which lists the current month’s Void time based on East Coast time (good for 2011). We’ll start with that one. Please copy and paste to your browser.


Thoughts from Zane Stein –

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Any other areas of astrology you would like to have explained? Please let me know.