The Unknown

We are always in the space and time of the Unknown. One of the big unknowns is where do we go when we sleep?

When we wake every day, there’s the awareness of our surroundings. Our senses fill in their messages. Then our brain, hopefully at peace from the night’s rest, interprets these messages. It is an amazing thing to realize how much our mind can be on ‘autopilot’ about what each sensory message means. Some find their brain racing at 1 million miles an hour. Others may be assaulted with overwhelming feelings of defeat, lack, loss, and other intense emotions.

Another unknown is who are we? Inhabiting this human body, we dimly recall another time and space where we were not here on this earth. We can watch and listen to our children tell us of when they were not here but elsewhere, living with others in a place of love and light.

Of course, many spiritual traditions have worked diligently through the centuries to bring surcease to the questioning members of their churches, temples and retreat centers. Providing answers according to these traditions, sometimes these messages are distorted with the human ego of the people delivering the words. Thus those who can discern that thread of ego, lack of truth in the texts, turn elsewhere for support when facing the Unknown of Human Life.

We are at a nexus. We are at the bridge which will span from those daily systems our mind and emotions have agreed to for our whole life into a radical rearrangement regarding our supports and daily flow. Please find whatever words, thoughts, music, dance and other practices that support your whole being during this time of revolution. Peace to all!

For the analysis of the upcoming equinox in September, please stop by again at the end of August.