Holistic Living

This was published in Maui Vision’s Sept. / Oct. 2011 issue.

The word ‘holistic’ is based on wholism. All aspects – body, mind, spirit and emotion – are in harmony. As spiritual beings having this human experience, we know how easily we can be pulled off balance, out of the middle road. Right now, with all the speeding up of the energies on this Earth, it is harder than ever to maintain our center as we are asked to shed all that we no longer are supposed to carry forward into the new times.

Perhaps a current suggestion is that we drop the quest for answers, surrender these issues to the Divine and allow for the new and perfect be-ing we are to take the place of these pains, traumas, perceptions and judgments we have accepted.

Astrology offers a possible tool for clarity and release. Using the elemental position of your Sun sign, visit the physical presence of that element to clear what is urgently pressing to be transformed. Air signs can use the great trade winds here on Maui. Allow the winds to cleanse anything embedded in your bodies. Water signs have both fresh and ocean water for cleansing. Immerse yourself in a freshwater stream or float in the ocean, allowing the water to bathe away issues. Earth signs have the rocks, dirt and sand to work in. Sitting on the earth, being buried in the sand, leaning up against rocks are all easy ways of communing for cleansing.

The tricky signs to clear with its element are the Fire ones. This is where shamanic practices are useful. In a journey space, a Fire sign can immerse their spirit selves in whatever fire form their spirit helpers feel is appropriate for transformative cleansing the issues.

Resistance to change is futile (a joke). Know you are not alone, we are all moving ahead. Breathe – in and out!