Uranus in Aries – a help to Uprising or a Hindrance?

As with any rebellion or social change coming forth within society, the status quo is the point of resistance. Whatever the point of push-away is, that is where the rebellion is ‘against’, thus always anchoring the rebellion to the status quo.

The current upwelling of change has presented and nurtured the idea that change, once again, is possible.

The presence of Uranus in Aries, during the years of 2011-2018, can bring about an uprising of volatile conservative sentiments. Western astrology notes that Aries is a trail blazer. Uranus loves radical changes. The last thing you would consider being generated during their blending time would be conservative ideas becoming radicalized. But that is exactly what happened 84 years ago, the last time Uranus made a transit through Aries. All the extremes in the European governments arose – Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin – because the people felt that these leaders offered a path which fit what they thought was right. Fortunately, that is not so long ago that the lessons of that time can be forgotten. Yet, the present conservative party in the USA has become entrapped with severe religious teachings.

A positive factor to help us at this time is the non-violent teachings which have become part of some cultures. With the militarization of community police, we are realizing that the mindset of terrorism defense can be used against the Constitutional rights of the peacefully protesting people.

The many paths to creating new conditions, relationships and patterns of organization can come from a place of being centered and allowing a vision to come forth to better fit the needs of the community. Shamanic journey work assists in this process, as spirit helpers have a greater vision of the dance of life and can offer a different way of being.

Peace to all!


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