Continue to Let Go

Although they use different words, many aphorisms made by various spiritual and psychological teachers repeat the same advice: Let go of thoughts that cause you difficulties (of any kind).

The emotional attachment to a thought creates internal bodily stresses. By letting go of the emotion and then the thought behind it, we receive what we need, as well as become who we are supposed to be. And this last part is what these changing times are about: becoming who we are fully supposed to be in this life.

For me, these ideas of ascension are not us leaving the planet as outlined in the New Testaments’ Revelation. It is the reverse. We are presently cleansing our bodies of whatever burdens we’ve taken on so far in our life’s experiences to allow more of our soul to occupy our bodies.

Some examples of what is being cleansed include food choices, changing exercise routines, allowing stored energies to leave wherever they have been packed in, any relationship which has completed the spiritual commitment. These are all moving into a new form.

Have compassion for those who are now waking up to looking at this world in a different way. Perhaps they are realizing that they no longer need to live in any of the programming from childhood. All can be replaced with the joy of freedom to allow our souls to direct us, to feed and care for us in ways never imagined by these sweet people.

Malama pono – Take care – Maluhia – Peace