Radiant Health

As we approach the December Solstice, we are increasingly pressured to release all those thoughts, actions, daily patterns and memories which are not to go with us to the other side of that date.

One of our challenges at this time is dealing with the projections others place upon us. Through personal awareness, we can determine that some words and issues emanating from a friend, lover, co-worker, person passing through your life, is their problem, not yours. Whether you choose to engage in the dilemma, using your normal response mechanism is also part of the present opportunity for growth.

One reason why this projection pattern is strong comes from Jupiter having entered the sign of Gemini in June. The last time it was in this air sign, represented by a set of Twins, was in 2001. The element of air brings more mental qualities along with the drive to have communications about any and all topics.

To review – Jupiter’s positive attributes are: idealistic, generous, wisdom keeper and teacher, ambitious, faithful, visionary, humorous, inspirational, dignified, honorable, and expansive. Detrimental qualities are: fanatical, bigoted, indolent, indulgent, lawless, gullible, impractical, excessive and pompous.

Jupiter is said to be in “detriment” in Gemini. It does not operate at full positive polarity, thus bringing out the negative qualities. Perhaps you’ll find yourself arguing with the image in the mirror? Or talking to your self while driving or other activity… the cartoon of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other can manifest for many.

How to get through this time? Ahonui – patience – which can be applied to the whole of our lives. Do not react in an “off the cuff” manner. Be aware and awake. Even though Neptune wants us to drift into the dreamtime, move into the practice of being more consciously present than you have in the past.