The Teachings of Aloha

Ask people anywhere in the world about Hawai’i and they know this word of the Hawaiian language – Aloha. Hello! Goodbye!

The next meaning learned is that is has something to do with love. Yet as you live on these islands, you learn there are many ways to interpret what this word brings to our lives. That is the hidden knowledge in the Hawaiian language – kaona.

Some people step off the plane, smell the air, touch the soil, sea and sands and begin to feel the message of aloha from the land through the messages in their body immediately – “Care for me and it will return to you from us.” This is one lesson of Aloha.

Other people may be more in their minds, thereby learning about Aloha through interactions with people. This means the lessons of Aloha arrive through the heart. Sometimes that takes a while – as the distance between the head and heart is a long journey for some. As time goes by, people hear and witness kindness when someone is upset, angry or wounded and sharing all that intensity with their immediate world. The focused expression of the Aloha heart energy can melt all difficulties. This can be expressed as ho’oponopono. The understanding of meeting anger with gentility runs deep within the elders who walk the path Aloha.

Many offer the aloha of caring by assisting people who are struggling or down and out. There is a time limit to their personal involvement and will turn away if their giving is unappreciated or abused. Self-respect and self-preservation with out anger is key to the limits of the involvement.

The basic lessons of Aloha are – be kind; what you give, you’ll receive; live from your heart but do not allow yourself to be used. Remember to smile with Aloha from your heart.