Continuing to Surf the Changing Energy

This was printed in the October/November 2013 issue of Maui Vision.

The theme of this issue of Maui Vision – body movement to maintain vitality – is so very important now, even as we shift into the fall season and a usually more dormant time of year. We are blessed here in the islands with generally pleasant weather, year ‘round, so we can maintain an envious level of outdoor activity.

In your daily life, exchanges with friends and observing the community, are you noticing emotional stresses being expressed? For some, old issues, which can be seen as patterns, some deeply toxic, are back again. Gee, just when you thought you had that handled – nope. Turning towards food, drink, TV, whatever, to calm ourselves due to the stresses. These are all signs to pay attention to whatever else is passing through our personal space – internal or external.

One tool we have is the various flower essences as well as essential oils. Sometimes, just the smallest amount dissolves the critical mass we are burdened.

Remember your protocol. Cut cords with love – consistently. Be grounded and have protections in place through conscious breathing. If need be, up the level of intensity and do a thorough cleansing with salt water or sage.

If you are at a work situation where you must sit regularly, be sure to set a notification on your phone or computer to get up and move every so often. You know what your body wants. Please, don’t ignore it any more. Get up, walk while drinking water, look out the window, move your shoulders, arms and hands, also move legs, feet, hips. Exercise your face with a smile because you recall a favorite joke. The best thing to do at this time, find the most uplifting music you can dance to!