Miracles Abound and Are Unbound!

This was printed in the December/January issue of Maui Vision.

A Miracle – a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Miracles are quite common. It all depends upon your filter system… what we limit our reality and beliefs to. If you follow current scientific discoveries about so many things, what has been taught over the past 40+ years is re-writing much of what they thought to be true and ‘proven’.

In shamanic states, removing intrusions and attachments of various kinds is possible and quite normal for me to perceive and act upon. These items can be thoughts which have taken on a form which appears to be living thus creating stress, disease and other influences in the human body. Through various protocols, peace can be made for the client, removing the intrusion and invoking wellness. Sometimes the difference is startling when these things have been removed. Pain and pressure is erased, unease removed. A miracle? Perhaps so; if the result of a shamanic experience fits your belief system which would then allow you to apply the word, miracle.

In my experience as an astrologer, stressful once-in-a-lifetime aspects have a ‘silver lining’ with the help of other planets passing in trine or sextile to the natal chart. The challenge as a human, experiencing life and these influences is to lasso these subtle helpful energies in a consistent manner. The stressful ones are just there, unrelenting, until we grab on to something to feed us deeply. Another path is to send an arrow of intention into the future to co-create what you want to experience when the stressful times are done. Thus, miracles occur by your own co-creation of the future.