Busy day with Jupiter and the Sun dancing and the New Moon Eclipse

8-9 March

Besides the Eclipse being at 18 degrees of Pisces, with Jupiter in opposition, there are several other planets at nearby degrees.

Saturn is at 16 of Sagittarius; a square to the New Moon. Pluto is at 17 of Capricorn; a sextile to the New Moon. Uranus is at 18 of Aries; which is a minor aspect called a semi-sextile. Chiron is in the New Moon mix via a conjunction from 20 degrees of Pisces. If you have any planets at these degrees, the New Moon can be a significant personal experience.

Each of these planets have a light and dark way of representing archetypes. Our life experiences bring these positive or negative understandings to the feelings evoked again. The best thing about this time is the Chiron participation. This subtle vibration insists on healing things which no longer can be carried into our daily life.

If you aren’t sure where the planets are in your natal chart, seek out a free astrology chart generation site. Look at the degrees the planets occupy. Compare the numbers to those noted above. The aspects aren’t that important. If you are a sensitive, you’ll feel the vibrations, no matter a square or conjunction.

If you don’t know your birth time, you can use the Noon time option and select Aries houses. Another option is the Sunrise chart. Know that the Moon moves the speediest of the planets, so understand that the Noon time calculation can be off either more degrees or less than the number given by about 8 to 12 degrees. Over time, you can learn by living your life, what degree your Moon lives at. Also, people generally have a feel for their birth time. That time can be entered with the understanding that it is not accurate.

Also know that the rising sign (ascendant) based on a birth time guess will not be accurate.

May we plant good ‘seed’ thoughts and intentions at this eclipse.