Void Moon on the 2nd, with some humor thrown in the mix; Venus enters Aries


The following is directed to those who are clairvoyant and/or are highly sensitive people.
On the 3rd, begin to practice and apply your discernment techniques as the boundaries between the worlds start to diffuse. This means be aware of those things which do not normally live in our reality are around. It is good to tell them to keep passing through as well as remember how they came to this reality. Yes, there is a ‘multi-verse’ – an extension of our usual understanding of the Universe.
This alert time frame continues until a week after the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 26 February (5 March the boundaries resume their normal thickness). Yes, a month of being aware of who’s here.
Many beings get trapped on this side of the barriers and end up being attached to people, draining them of human life force so they can survive.
Peace to all!