Busy pair of days; be creative


The Sun / Jupiter trine will repeat when the Sun moves around to Gemini. This one is with a retrograde Jupiter, so the lessons can be more internal than outward.


8 thoughts on “Busy pair of days; be creative

  1. We to use catchment water to get our drinking water, too, so I understand the need for rains. Have been through TX many times on interstates, I5 and I40. Best Ides of February to you.

  2. You are welcome! Down into the 60’s now, and rain predicted. Texas tends to be rather arid (not as much as NM and AZ but, still….), so we likely need the rain for the drinking water supply.

  3. Dang, that is not a comfy temp in mid-February! We are having massive rains and winds from a different direction than normal. The rains bring down lots of rocks and mud in some areas, plus old trees are blown over in the winds. Paradise has a price, too. Best to all of us.

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