About the author

Eliza Bassett has been studying symbology and esoteric arts since the early 1970’s. Her original book-derived knowledge of astrology and tarot was enhanced with various classes when she arrived in Denver, Colorado. Participating in the monthly meetings of the Colorado Fellowship of Astrologers enhanced her awareness of the different facets of the western astrological knowledge base through many visiting astrological lecturers.

When she moved to Maui, she participated in various psychic fairs and worked as a staff ‘reader’ at the metaphysical book store “Miracles Bookery” in Makawao until its closing.

A local local, bi-weekly newspaper needed a new author for an astrology column and she began to write for the paper in the late 1990’s. Soon it was published by InnerSelf.com and she developed an international following.

After 7 years of writing the column, Eliza decided to take a break from the demands of the weekly schedule. After a 2 year sabbatical from writing, she began to write again – those columns have been shared on this blog. Again a break from regular writing was needed as a powerful transit occurred and the transformations in her life were underway. The present form of photography and words to share astrology information came into being during this time.

Some of the writings may also include information about shamanic concepts and practices, along with other traditions studied, exposed to and feels motivated to share. Some of these tap into images from various tarot decks she has used – The Medicine Woman’s Tarot, Rider-Waite, an obscure black & white deck called Morgan’s Tarot and the Voyager Tarot.

For a personal consultation, near or far, please contact her via email – makalani8 at gmail.com.