Miracles Abound and Are Unbound!

This was printed in the December/January issue of Maui Vision.

A Miracle – a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Miracles are quite common. It all depends upon your filter system… what we limit our reality and beliefs to. If you follow current scientific discoveries about so many things, what has been taught over the past 40+ years is re-writing much of what they thought to be true and ‘proven’.

In shamanic states, removing intrusions and attachments of various kinds is possible and quite normal for me to perceive and act upon. These items can be thoughts which have taken on a form which appears to be living thus creating stress, disease and other influences in the human body. Through various protocols, peace can be made for the client, removing the intrusion and invoking wellness. Sometimes the difference is startling when these things have been removed. Pain and pressure is erased, unease removed. A miracle? Perhaps so; if the result of a shamanic experience fits your belief system which would then allow you to apply the word, miracle.

In my experience as an astrologer, stressful once-in-a-lifetime aspects have a ‘silver lining’ with the help of other planets passing in trine or sextile to the natal chart. The challenge as a human, experiencing life and these influences is to lasso these subtle helpful energies in a consistent manner. The stressful ones are just there, unrelenting, until we grab on to something to feed us deeply. Another path is to send an arrow of intention into the future to co-create what you want to experience when the stressful times are done. Thus, miracles occur by your own co-creation of the future.


Some Thoughts for the Uranus Square Pluto Transit

© May 2012

This article covers a lot of astrological information, so please take it in blocks which work for you.

The changes anticipated in December 2012, which have caused various levels of fearful expectation, may have created a focus on an erroneous astrological event of the Winter Solstice eclipse. There is a huge push from two planets which offer us amazing chances to shift sooner this year. Everything from mental perspectives, emotional states, housing, work and relationships may be released, changed or transformed. This includes the vibrations carried from impacts brought by difficult prior experiences. It is time to jettison this baggage. Since most of us are striving to become healed, these upcoming events may bring unexpected opportunities to free ourselves and claim wholeness.

Currently Uranus – the planet which offers radical electrical change when moving through our lives – is making a ‘creative conflict’ aspect of a square to Pluto. This latter planet (yes, astrology still assigns it that value) brings deep and total transformation. Humanity discovered Pluto in the year the atom was split, 1930, thus astrologers tie nuclear energy and the ‘wiping the slate clean’ effect of those bombs to Pluto’s areas of influence. Thereby, we have radical unpredictable change and deep transformative change in a conflicting relationship to each other. These two will meet in this conflicting aspect a total of seven times between 2012 and 2015.

The root of this square is when these planets made a conjunction in the mid-1960’s. Late 1965 and twice in 1966, they merged and the revolts against decades-long conventional mindsets were underway. Major legislative changes which some are railing against today were anchored then. Thus this is a time of great tests and trials of those ideas and actions seeded then.

Globally, what is transpiring is appearing in the current social trends, especially highlighted by the political scene, local, state and national. All the liberties gained in the 1960’s – women’s lib, birth control availability, abortion rights, voting rights – are all under attack by those who are fear based.

Polarities are becoming more extreme and entrenchment is just a normal mode for many to operate with because too much is changing in their lives. The past only offers a false sense of security as it is what the present comes from. Yet as those who have faced nature’s wrath, everything can change in an instant due to fires, storms, floods and earthquakes.

Those who have the inability to face deeply held emotional fears only recognize and rely on an external support system, rather than their spirit-based connection to the Divine source, may face larger than usual meltdowns of their reality.

Inchwork on embroidery

With single-minded determination, the inchworm works its way across some bright pink embroidery.

Many of you know your personal astrology chart, or perhaps have access to the printout an astrologer provided in a consultation many years ago. Now is the time to pull it out and apply the following data to your chart.

Currently, Uranus is sparking its way through Aries (see prior articles about that influence). The house in your natal chart where Uranus is moving through is being thoroughly zapped with unexpected change. Pluto is grinding its way through Capricorn, pulling up hidden issues and leftover junk which need to be resolved. This is mainly physical junk due to the earth element which Capricorn holds, yet emotional, mental, spiritual overlays are possibly entwined. The house where Pluto is has a level of seriously deep releases and transformations which you may have wanted to be free of for many years.

The first square is due on 23 June 2012 at 9:39pm HST at the 8th degree of those signs. The second square will be on 18 September 2012 at 9:29pm HST at the 6th degree. Shift these dates and times to your time zone – +3 PDT, +6 EDT, +10 GMT/UT, etc.

Look for a planet at either 8 or 6 degrees, in any sign. Look at the angles (Ascendant, Midheaven) for their numbers. If you have anything close to 8 or 6 degrees, you will feel these upcoming events in a very personal way. Find a “cook book” astrology guide at a library or an online resource and see what is suggested there for the house meanings where these planets are passing through. As to aspects to planets in your chart, please use the same resources, or connect with me for a consultation.

Another way to figure out what will transpire is to see what is already being stressed in your life without any easy resolution. Like a stubborn stain or spot on the carpet, all the things we’ve learned to help us move thoughts, energies and emotions out – a different approach can be totally called for. Be open to suggestions from all sources, especially those seemingly from “left field” which is Uranus’ favorite baseball field position. (Smiles)

To recognize Pluto’s energies is to discover, ‘what you resist, persists’. The more you hold on to what you are being asked to surrender, the more will be taken from you. “My will to thy will” is a mantra for a Pluto transit. One of the lessons of Pluto is to learn a deep sense of trust in the presence of a loving, supportive Unknown – an overarching and underpinning Spirit which runs throughout life.

Uranus acts as a windstorm – a tornado – which suddenly appears, inflicts great damage, and then lets us rebuild. Also, this planet helps with clairvoyant abilities. Perhaps take some classes in discernment and protections so you can be sure the source of these images are for your highest and best good.

For those who have creative visualization, lucid dream work or shamanic training, it is good to use your natal chart and create it in your sacred spiritual workspace. Place all the planets in their locations, and then place the transiting (moving) planets of Uranus and Pluto in their places. Create a dialogue between your natal planets and angles (first at the 8th degree, then the 6th degree) with these influential energies. Would suggest you first discover what each of these planetary vibrations feel and look like, as well as how they have influenced you in the past. Then with that foundation, find out what they are suggesting, nudging and urging you do this time around.

The other dates and times HST of these squares are (all are Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn):
2013 – 20 May – 12:02pm at 11 degrees – 1 Nov – 1:35am at 9 degrees
2014 – 21 April – 8:14 am at 13 degrees – 14 December – 8:45pm at 12 degrees
2015 – 16 March 3:15 pm at 15 degrees.

If you want to use aromatherapy to assist in feeling where Uranus and Pluto are in your body, as well assist in learning how they are pushing you, I have charged oils which I will share for $5 with interested people. This would be a large drop of each of the oils on an index card for you to use according to specific directions. Contact me and we’ll make arrangements to get them to you.

Remember, tears are good. It is the soul recognizing the truth of a situation – healing, cleansing, releasing – recognizing the significance of the information of the moment. Allow them to shift all the levels of you. Be liberated and allow the space for heaven on earth to bloom within.

Heart Care Suggestions for 2012

As we move further into the shift between the old paradigm and into the one ‘we have been waiting for’, it is important to pay attention to the heart. The physical and spiritual hearts are being asked to release old patterns, bonds, cords and ancestral inherited dis-eases.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that during the past 6 months, situations have transpired which remind you of a prior event which wounded your heart.

Maybe a recent incident allows you to remember something from childhood, a school room conflict, which you had totally forgotten. Pay attention to these small and subtle messages, as they represent old wounds which can lead to an energy pattern which echoes through your body. The small ones can be addressed through ho’oponopono prayers.

This time around, with our increased awareness, along with spiritual and emotional tools, the pain can diminish and we can discern the lesson from the wounding and truly release the root cause of the re-injury. The speed of life at this time allows for resolution of past issues, no matter how huge.

If someone is moving into the age of 49-51, this is the astrological time of the Chiron Return. It is critical that your heart chakra is open and flowing. Please find the appropriate energy medical practitioners to assist in this significant resolution.

It seems that we must release the wounds of the heart – both emotional and those held in the energy body – in order to move into the new vibrations waiting for us. We must recognize all the lessons to be learned in this physical form – heal their imprint by bringing in the Divine Perfect Pattern of our physical self held in Divine Mind, give thanks for them, remember the lesson – and then move ahead with grace and joy.

Holistic Living

This was published in Maui Vision’s Sept. / Oct. 2011 issue.

The word ‘holistic’ is based on wholism. All aspects – body, mind, spirit and emotion – are in harmony. As spiritual beings having this human experience, we know how easily we can be pulled off balance, out of the middle road. Right now, with all the speeding up of the energies on this Earth, it is harder than ever to maintain our center as we are asked to shed all that we no longer are supposed to carry forward into the new times.

Perhaps a current suggestion is that we drop the quest for answers, surrender these issues to the Divine and allow for the new and perfect be-ing we are to take the place of these pains, traumas, perceptions and judgments we have accepted.

Astrology offers a possible tool for clarity and release. Using the elemental position of your Sun sign, visit the physical presence of that element to clear what is urgently pressing to be transformed. Air signs can use the great trade winds here on Maui. Allow the winds to cleanse anything embedded in your bodies. Water signs have both fresh and ocean water for cleansing. Immerse yourself in a freshwater stream or float in the ocean, allowing the water to bathe away issues. Earth signs have the rocks, dirt and sand to work in. Sitting on the earth, being buried in the sand, leaning up against rocks are all easy ways of communing for cleansing.

The tricky signs to clear with its element are the Fire ones. This is where shamanic practices are useful. In a journey space, a Fire sign can immerse their spirit selves in whatever fire form their spirit helpers feel is appropriate for transformative cleansing the issues.

Resistance to change is futile (a joke). Know you are not alone, we are all moving ahead. Breathe – in and out!