Heart Care Suggestions for 2012

As we move further into the shift between the old paradigm and into the one ‘we have been waiting for’, it is important to pay attention to the heart. The physical and spiritual hearts are being asked to release old patterns, bonds, cords and ancestral inherited dis-eases.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that during the past 6 months, situations have transpired which remind you of a prior event which wounded your heart.

Maybe a recent incident allows you to remember something from childhood, a school room conflict, which you had totally forgotten. Pay attention to these small and subtle messages, as they represent old wounds which can lead to an energy pattern which echoes through your body. The small ones can be addressed through ho’oponopono prayers.

This time around, with our increased awareness, along with spiritual and emotional tools, the pain can diminish and we can discern the lesson from the wounding and truly release the root cause of the re-injury. The speed of life at this time allows for resolution of past issues, no matter how huge.

If someone is moving into the age of 49-51, this is the astrological time of the Chiron Return. It is critical that your heart chakra is open and flowing. Please find the appropriate energy medical practitioners to assist in this significant resolution.

It seems that we must release the wounds of the heart – both emotional and those held in the energy body – in order to move into the new vibrations waiting for us. We must recognize all the lessons to be learned in this physical form – heal their imprint by bringing in the Divine Perfect Pattern of our physical self held in Divine Mind, give thanks for them, remember the lesson – and then move ahead with grace and joy.