Coping with nuclear radiation

With all the concern over radioactive fallout since the Japanese Earthquake on 11 March 11, many emails have flown into my email in box with suggestions on how to proceed with protection for ourselves and our loved ones. As of 28 March, more emails continue to arrive.

I’m going to post them all here, with their dates of reception.

Please use your discernment about which of these are valid and appropriate for your use. Nothing is prescribed here. This is strictly for your information.

There are also several pdf files which cannot be attached to these WordPress pages. Will find the url of the one which is the most complete I’ve seen for attending to all sorts of radiation issues. A friend who is an OMD (oriental medical doctor) also sent the same pdf on saying it was the best he’d seen anywhere. So when I find it, it will be posted here. (30 April 2011)

Blessings of purification to all the water, air, plants and living things on this planet.


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